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Other Alco Diesel Locomotives

Lionel RS-11

This is the Lionel model of the Alco RS-11 roadswitcher diesel.  It was released early in 2001, and is an excellent model of the prototype.  Note the safety chain between the stanchions on the front deck!  It runs every bit as good as it looks, with the usual excellent Lionel Railsounds.  It an also creep along at a constant rate, no matter the load.  Here are a few more pictures showing the workmanship.  Although you can't see it, the doors to the cab actually open!

Lionel RS-11

Lionel RS-11

Here's a photo of one of the D&H prototypes. I think you'll agree, the model is excellent!

Alco RS-11

This is an RS-3, and early Alco diesel road switcher.   As with most all Alcos, it usually emitted a heavy black cloud of diesel exhaust while running.  It is painted in the later colors of the Jersey Central.

Jersey Central Alco RS-3

Shown below is the RS-1, the first of Alco's road switchers.  It's preserved at the Railroad Museum of PA.

Alco RS-1

The locomotive below is the DL-109, one of Alco's first streamlined road diesels.  The New Haven had the largest fleet of DL-09s; the one below is in its livery.  The three front windows make this one unmistakable!

New Haven DL-109

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