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2-8-8-0 Bull Moose Articulated Steam Locomotives

The 2-8-8-0 articulated type wasn't one of the more popular articulateds.  It was owned by few railroads, among them the Great Northern (which had quite a wide variety of articulated locomotives) where it was called a Bull Moose.  Here are a few photos of the GN locomotives.

This Pennsylvania 2-8-8-0 Mallet was one of the few designed by the Pennsy itself.  In 1919, it was ahead of its time, and did not have a long service life.  What you will notice, in both the Great Northern locomotives above and the Pennsy locomotive below, is the presence of the squared-off Belpaire firebox, just about unique to these two railroads.

2-8-8-0 Mallet

Last updated: 24 Feb 2023

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