An Interesting Development

MTH Electric Trains has licensed the Lionel and American Flyer names from Lionel LLC for use on MTH tinplate toy train reproductions.  While MTH has been able to use the Ives name for some time (such as on the Olympian set that I last blogged about), it will now also be able to use the other two great names from the golden age of Standard Gauge trains, allowing the modern reproductions to at last be letter perfect down to the names.  I've verified with MTH that these reproductions will be available, as most of the Tinplate Traditions line has been, in both traditional (reproduction original AC motor) and contemporary (modern PS2 electronics controlled by DCS) versions, giving hobbyists a choice of a perfect reproduction down to the motor or a perfect reproduction in appearance with all the modern bells and whistles that many hobbyists really enjoy hiding inside.

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