New, New, New! Locomotive, Video, and Reefers!

I have three new things to talk about in this, my first entry for the new year.  I got the  new MTH Premier CNJ Camelback steam locomotive.  Those who have never seen a camelback will probably find it an odd looking beast, with the cab athwart the boiler, but they were pretty common on the anthracite roads.  The locomotive had an extra-wide firebox to burn the anthracite and, in fact, had two firebox doors as a result.  This new MTH model is a superb reproduction of the original as it appeared during fan trips toward the end of its life.  Here's a teaser photo.

 MTH Premier CNJ Camelback

Needless to say, I shot a video of this nifty new locomotive pulling a string of just as new Atlas reefers.  It's on the Multimedia page of my web site in your choice of video formats and, in lower resolution and quality, on YouTube.  Here's the YouTube version:

The Atlas reefers in the video are the eight new ones that I recently received.  They're all quite attractive as usual; this one stands out however.  They're all on the Atlas Reefers page on my web site.

Atlas reefer

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