The Mohawk

On a very rainy and windy late October day, I played with my new Mohawk, a stunning model of the New York Central's 4-8-2 steam locomotive.  It's the first in my recollection that's come with detail work that you add on after unpacking it — smoke deflectors (elephant ears) that are cleverly made to snap on and off, and additional piping for the bottom of the tender that you screw into place.  It has the new quillable whistle that is fun to play with.  It's a great smoker,  as you can see from the photo below! Smile  It runs very smoothly, has great sound (as you can hear in the video), and is all-around a great model locomotive!  I've shot a bunch of photos that are available on my web site on the 4-8-2 Mountain page.  I've also done a video that's available on my multimedia page in your choice of formats (Windows Media, MPEG-4, and Real Media).  It's also been uploaded to YouTube; click on it below to watch it in somewhat abbreviated quality.

MTH Premier Mohawk

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