ToyTrains1 Gets A New Toy! :)

And no, for once it's not a train!  I finally broke down and got a new computer.  After seven years (!), the old Pentium IV was really feeling its age and with all of the good reviews of Windows 7, I decided that it was finally safe to take the plunge.  I now have a computer that's based on the Intel Core I7-920 processor running Windows 7.  It has a quad core, essentially four CPUs on one chip.  But, each core runs two threads so in effect I have EIGHT CPUs! Smile With 8 GB (who, years ago, would have ever thought that we'd have computers on our desks with THAT much memory!), Windows 7 is very happy and the speed of it on this machine is phenomenal.  As an example, when I wanted to make a DVD from some of my videos, it took about 150 minutes on the old computer.  On the new one, with the same videos and the same DVD software, it was done in 18 minutes flat!  Needless to say, I'm a happy camper!  Laughing  The two computers are networked, and between them I now have 5 TB (!!) of storage — again, just a few years ago, who would have believed numbers like that!  And, I'm not done.  I've started looking at Hi-Def camcorders (Canon, of course).  Think of how the train videos will look in HiDef!! Smile  Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. Toys Trains says:

    Wow, I seriously need to upgrade — and my PC is only a few years old. I'm crazy jealous of your new setup. 

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