A New Video And A New Beginning

Well, I got the new camcorder today and then ran to the camera store to get another battery and charger.  I forgot just how much I hate waiting for batteries to charge!  Smile  When I opened the box and found that the instructions, just in English, were over 200 pages long, I knew I was in trouble!  I read and tried and read and tried, and then finally went down to the layout, put a steam locomotive with great visual interest on the track, and tried recording it.  And changed settings and did it again, etc.  Then I had the pleasure of installing the camcorder software on the computer (installing software is never a pleasure), getting them talking, and looking at my files.  THEN I had to get them edited, titled, etc.  What a pain!  But, at long last, I got it done and uploaded to YouTube (that took quite a while for such a large file) which surprisingly digested it rather well.  You can view my first True HD video (1920×1080), a reshoot of the 2004 MTH Premier Erie Angus (0-8-8-0) camelback steam locomotive by clicking below.  Do try the hi-def setting (1080p) if your hardware supports it!  Smile

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