And Then There Were Three

I've shot another video in HD, this one of the MTH Premier Great Northern (GN) Z-6 Challenger (4-6-6-4) steam locomotive pulling a very long string of AtlasO reefers.  Given my fascination with articulated locomotives, I'm surprised that I waited until the third video to film one with the new camcorder.  Once again, I've tinkered with the settings in both the camcorder and the rendering software.  This one was shot in native (true) 24 fps progressive mode with auto exposure control.  In order to better deal with these humongous hi-def video files (3 minutes of video is about a half gigabyte worth of file), I upgraded to the newly released Nero ver. 10 and it's much, much better that the previous version with these hi-def files.  I had it render this video at the native 24 fps and set the bit rate to about 12 kbps, about half what it's shot at.  Even so, the file is more than 250 MB and takes quite a while to upload to YouTube.  On the other hand, it looks pretty good!  Enjoy!  🙂

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