Another HD Video

I've gotten back some of my mobility since the surgery on my knee last week and ventured into the basement for the first time today.  I decided that since the last video turned out well, I'd shoot the other train that I normally have on the tracks, this one on my track #3.  That turned out to be an adventure.  To make a long story short, suffice it to say that I always knew that leaving a few old Lionel turnouts on the layout would one day cause me grief and today was the day.  After wasting more than an hour troubleshooting the layout, I found the shorted turnout and dealt with it so that I could run trains on that track again.  The video shows the MTH Premier PRR L1 Mikado (2-8-2) pulling a long string of older AtlasO 36' woodsided reefers.  The train has the MTH Premier PRR B28 switcher (0-6-0) pushing at the tail end.  It's not just for show — on that track, with a diameter of O-42 and with S-curves no less, a train of this length and weight will stringline every time unless there's a pusher locomotive.  Fortunately, the DCS system makes it easy to synchronize the pulling and pushing locomotives so that they work in unison, as you can see in the video.  Enjoy!

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