Possible MTH Cancellations

According to a newsletter that I recently received, MTH hasn't received enough orders from the 2007 Vol. 1 catalog to justify the production of four of the cataloged Premier steam locomotives (the kind that I tend to enjoy).  Those four are:

  • 20-3271-1    N&W Class A (2-6-6-4 )
  • 20-3275-1    CN Mountain (4-8-2 )
  • 20-3277-1    C&O Greenbrier (4-8-4 )
  • 20-3278-1    GN Z-6 Challenger (4-6-6-4 )

The first two I really don't care about as I converted my PS1 versions to PS2.  That last one hurts however, as I have it on order to go along with the GN R-2 and S-2.  MTH is extending their ordering deadline by a few months and the last time they did that, with the PRR A5, they got enough additional orders to produce the locomotive (and it turned out beautifully).  Hopefully, they get enough additional orders this time around to produce at least the Challenger.

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