The steam locomotive, not the national park!  LOL  Although, the locomotive type WAS named after the park, through which the Northern Pacific, which had quite a few of this locomotive type, traveled to.  This is a video of my MTH Premier Duluth Missabe & Iron Range (DM&IR) Yellowstone, a 2-8-8-4 articulated behemoth of a steam locomotive.  The prototype did yeoman service hauling iron ore and taconite to the ports on the great lakes.  In this video, I show it hauling a dozen ore cars; in real life, you'd have seen it hauling ten times that many.  This model came out in 1999 with the original Protosound system (PS1).  Later on, I upgraded it to Protosound 2 (PS2) so that it could have the full array of bells and whistles and work with the DCS remote control system.

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