Boxcab Electric in True HD 1080p

In August of 2008, MTH brought out a Premier model of the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) P5a boxcab electric locomotive.  This was a workhorse on the Pennsy and ran on the Pennsy mainline (now the Amtrak Northeast Corridor) not far from my home.  The model is die-cast, quite heavy, and is an exquisitely detailed replica of the real thing.  As you can see in this True HD 1080p video, it runs very well and has great sound, though, as with all electric locomotives (as opposed to steam), the sounds are somewhat limited.  Toward the end of the video, I demonstrate some of the features incorporated into this locomotive, including pantographs that automatically raise and lower with direction change and steam pressure release (the locomotive had a steam generator so it could provide steam heat to the passenger cars).

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