#999 And The Empire State Express

In early March of 2006, MTH brought out a Premier model of the New York Central (NYC) #999, a small American-type (4-4-0) locomotive with enormous 86" driving wheels.  When the prototype was put into service in 1893 hauling the Empire State Express between NYC and Buffalo, it quickly set the world land speed record of 112.5 miles per hour.  The model is an exquisite representation of the prototype as you can see and hear in the True HD 1080p video.  In the second segment, you can hear it pull into the station with the chatter about setting the world speed record.  It's hauling a set of seven woodsided passenger cars appropriate to the time.  The detail on the cars is also exquisite, down to the potbellied stove in each passenger car.  If you pause the video in the first segment, you can actually make out the stove at the front of each car!

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