Cab Forward!

This is a True HD 1080p video of the MTH Premier Cab Forward (4-8-8-2) that came out in 2008.  This locomotive is a PS2-equipped reissue of the original Premier Cab Forward model that came out in 1996.  As with most such reissues, it has more detail than the original and, on this one, MTH issued it in two different models; one modeling the locomotive as-built (as did the original model) and the other modeling a locomotive equipped with a more modernized cab front which SP used on a number of the older Cab Forwards as they were rebuilt.  It's the latter one that I got and I'm very pleased with it!  As you can see in the video, the detailing is superb and the audio shows off the excellent sound set.  The locomotive is hauling a very eclectic freight train, as the cab forwards did in real life.

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