When Is Tinplate Not Tinplate?

When it's die-cast painted to look like tinplate!  🙂  In early 2002, I got a special train set from MTH.  They called it "American Legacy #768W" and it was a reproduction of a train set originally brought out by Lionel in 1939.  It had a beautiful die-cast Premier scale model of a NYC J1e Hudson painted in tinplate grey enamel with a matching tinplate tender and a set of four blue tinplate passenger cars.  In the intervening years, I've matched those blue cars with an MTH reproduction of the actual tinplate blue locomotive that together make up the classic Baby Blue Comet set.  Since the grey Hudson has a box coupler (from the days before WW II), it's kind of hard to run it with most of my trains that have knuckle couplers.  However, for a very long time I've had a set of the same 600-series tinplate passenger cars with the box couplers but in a gorgeous terra-cotta enamel finish.  Mating the locomotive with those cars makes for a stunning train, so here it is in crystal clear sharp detail in a True HD 1080p video.

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