Yard Operations

In the previous video I showed the MTH Premier D16d pulling its 19th century passenger cars.  This was shot on Track 1, my outer O-72 loop which is closest to the camera.  This train normally resides on a storage track in my central yard, which is accessed via Track 3, the innermost loop.  I thought it would be interesting to show how the train makes its way back to the storage track, traversing the interlocking plant to get from Track 1 to Track 2 to Track 3 and then into the yard and onto the appropriate storage track.  It was a pain to shoot as I had to move the camera around to locations that really aren't suited for filming, but the final True HD 1080p product gives you a good idea of how my layout works, even when it's clogged with train after train on all of the loops and storage tracks.

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