Big Liz

Big Liz starred in the very first video that I uploaded to YouTube, so it's only fitting that she get her own True HD 1080p video.  In this video, I have her hauling a dozen Pennsy freight cars, though that's a pretty small load for such a large, powerful model.  The prototype was built in 1917 as Pennsy's first experimental AC jack-shaft electric locomotive but was so powerful that it kept ripping out the couplers of the day and was finally relegated to pusher service.  Since people seem to want to see other parts of my layout, I've done this video a bit differently.  Big Liz normally resides in my locomotive ready yard, so I show her leaving the yard, proceeding through the interlocking plant and onto the Track 1 mainline.  You then see her and her train in several run-bys and finally get to see her uncouple from her train and come back into the ready yard.

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