With the arrival of the three additional Blue Comet cars (which makes a total of ten) I thought that I'd shoot a video of the classy blue CNJ Pacific locomotive hauling its expanded ten car consist.  Putting it on the track however showed one small problem.  The set is quite old (mid-nineties) and the original five cars had 12 volt bulbs in them.  Since I converted the locomotive to PS2, I now run using a constant 18 volts, so those old cars light up very brightly, especially compared to the newer cars which use 18 volt bulbs.  Fortunately, when I relamped my PRR cars after some of their 12 volt bulbs were blown out at the last show, I got lots of extra 18 volt bulbs.  I've just finished relamping the cars that had the old bulbs and while I was at it, took the opportunity to people the older cars with passengers.  It should make for a nice video, which I will (hopefully) shoot this weekend.

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