The Union Pacific F-E-F

In late 2000, MTH brought out a Premier model of the UP F-E-F (which stands for Four-Eight-Four, the wheel arrangement), a large Northern-type steam locomotive.  The prototype is quite famous as it is still running today as part of UP's steam program.  The prototype was one of the last big steamers built in the US and incorporated all of the then-latest features.  The model was one of the first with the then-new Protosound 2 system that includes the synchronized chuffing sound and puffing smoke as well as user-settable chuff rate and DCS remote control.  In this five minute long True HD 1080p video, you see the locomotive leave the ready yard, couple to its very long and heavy train, make a few runbys, and then uncouple from the train and return to its track in the ready yard, all under remote control.  It's a great appearing, great sounding, and great running model locomotive!

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