Pennsy Pacific #1

As you can see in all of the videos that came before this one, including the previous 50 in True HD 1080p, the majority of my motive power is from the Pennsylvania RR.  So it should come as little surprise that this next video is also Pennsy.  In 1996 (hard to believe it's already been almost 15 years), MTH brought out, in their Premier line, a model of perhaps the most famous locomotive on the Pennsylvania RR — the K4s Pacific (4-6-2).  Starting in 1917 and continuing to 1928, a total of 425 of these heavy passenger and freight locomotive were built, all using a common boiler design with Pennsy's legendary Belpaire firebox.  They were built both by the Baldwin Locomotive Works and Pennsy's own Juniata shops.  The K4s was Pennsy's principal passenger hauler, often double-heading on very long trains traveling between the major cities of the Northeast and Midwest.  After WWII, their appearance changed but the locomotives stayed pretty much the same right through to the end of steam.  Though this model is now almost 15 years old, it holds up well against more modern models, and shows the K4s in its prewar incarnation.  Initially equipped with the original Protosound system, it was one of the first I upgraded to Protosound 2 so it sports the full panoply of modern sound and control features, including DCS remote control.  In this True HD 1080p video, you can see my first K4s hauling a good-sized passenger train.  Since I have two other K4s models (representing different eras), you can look for double-headed and, yes, triple-headed trains in future videos.

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