The Pennsy Rats!

Here's a small True HD 1080p video of a small model of a small prototype.  In the middle of 2005, MTH continued bringing out a series of die-cast models of PRR electric locomotives with a Premier line model of the BB1.  This diminutive model, an excellent replica of the diminutive prototype, looks and sounds great and performs very well.  The prototypes, all 42 of them, were built by the Pennsy itself in its Altoona shops.  They were originally run in pairs, hence the BB1 designation, though in later years they were split up and ran singly as B1's.  You could also find them on the Pennsy-controlled Long Island RR.  Only 31 feet long and capable of a maximum speed of 25 mph, they made quite a racket due to the fans cooling all of the electrical equipment.  These little yard switchers, known as "rats" to railfans, could be found in PRR's electrified yards moving cars around and were a fixture in the Sunnyside yard in Queens, NY.  In this video, you can see the models under DCS remote control moving a few cars to get them ready for the next train out.

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