Pennsy Tunnel Electrics

Toward the end of 2002, MTH brought out a Premier line model of the Pennsylvania RailRoad's DD1, another in their line of die-cast Pennsy electric locomotives.  The prototype DD1's were designed to run through the then-new tunnels that Pennsy drilled beneath the Hudson river from New Jersey to New York City.  They moved the trains from Pennsylvania Station in NYC to Manhattan Transfer, which was located in Harrison NJ (east of Newark) via third-rail power.  At Manhattan Transfer, the DD1 would switch out, and a steam locomotive would take its place for the run down south to Philadelphia and other points.  (This was long before the electrification of the Pennsy mainline.)  Built in 1911, it's no surprise that the DD1 is a jackshaft electric, with siderods very much like a steam locomotive.  The model is a very good representation of the prototype, right down to the third-rail pickups.  As you can see in this True HD 1080p video, it looks and sounds great and runs very well.  On my web site, I have some pretty good photos of these models on the boxcab electric locomotives page.

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