The Mighty Class-A

In 2000 (hard to believe it's already been ten years), MTH released a Premier line model of the N&W Class-A 2-6-6-4 articulated steam locomotive.  This locomotive, a product of N&W's own Roanoke shops, was designed to haul heavy coal trains and could also do service on fast passenger trains.  One of the last steamers on the last major American railroad to drop the fires of steam, the Class-A holds a special place in railfan's hearts.  The model was released with the original Protosound system and I later upgraded it to Protosound 2 with the full panoply of sound and remote control features.  As you can see in this True HD 1080p video, it's a great looking, great sounding, and great running model locomotive.  I also upgraded the auxilliary tender that you see in this video.  The prototype of the model, #1218, was still running as part of the NS steam program as late as 1992.

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