The Little Engine That Could!

In late 2003, MTH delivered this little gem for members of their Railroader's Club (MTHRRC).  Over the years I've used this locomotive quite a bit at train shows for one particular purpose.  When demonstrating DCS, I tend to use the large die-cast steam locomotives and there would always be one or two jokers at the demonstration to complain that the hobby was just too expensive.  When they did, I'd break out this little guy, the MTHRRC Consolidation (2-8-0).  The locomotive body is die-cast, albeit with less detail than the big guys, and the tender body is plastic rather than die-cast.  However, it has the same PS2 electronics as the big locomotives, providing the same great sounds, smoke, and remote control.  The biggest difference is that where the big locomotives can cost more than $1000, this little guy cost all of $179!  When this was pointed out, those complaining about the cost of the hobby usually shut right up!  🙂  Locomotives like this are currently found in the MTH starter train sets.  In this True HD 1080p video, you can see the Consolidation hauling a train made up of the RailKing MTHRRC cars that were issued between 1998 and 2007.  As you can see and hear, it's a fine little locomotive and hauls the train with no problem at all.  While you might not have seen a purple and silver locomotive hauling purple and silver freight cars in the real world, I think it looks just dandy!

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