A Blast From The Past, Part 2

Here's another blast from the past!  This is one of my old Protosound (PS1) diesel locomotives that I haven't run in years and have never before shown on video.  It's another from 1999 and is the EMD demonstrator for the SD-90MAC, a 6250 HP very modern diesel that uses AC traction motors.  Serious efforts to use AC (alternating current) diesel-electric engines began when General Motors introduced its 4,000-hp SD-60MAC in 1991-92. While the AC power increases an engine's adhesion, allowing it to start far heavier trains than a DC-powered locomotive of the same horsepower, the heavier load prevents AC-powered engines from reaching track speed. To solve that problem, locomotive builders have raced to design and deliver AC engines with ever-larger horsepower.  Hence, in 1996, EMD delivered the SD90MAC.  In this True HD 1080p video, you can see it running under purely conventional control (using one of my 50+ year old classic ZW transformers).  While not up to today's standards, for 11 years old it's not bad at all.  Since it's a very modern locomotive, I have it hauling a freight train made up of (mostly) modern intermodal and other freight cars.

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