A RailKing Steam Switcher

Though most of my locomotives are MTH Premier, I do have a few select RailKing pieces.  RailKing is MTH's lower priced line, with less detailed and often smaller than scale pieces.  Way back in 2001, I got the RailKing Pennsylvania B6 switcher.  This small 0-6-0 steam locomotive, which normally served as a yard switcher, was a full scale piece, albeit with less detailing that I was used to in the Premier line, and, as a switcher, had remote controlled couplers front and rear.  For the price, it was a bargain so I got it.  I then gussied it up a bit, adding real coal on top of the cast-in coal detail and painting various parts to make it look more like a Premier steamer and I think it came out quite well.  In this True HD 1080p video, you can see how good it looks, how good it sounds, and how well it operates.  You'll also see that it has the charming tendency to puff out smoke rings!  🙂

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