The First IND Subway Cars

In 2005, MTH brought out a Premier line model of the New York City's Independent Subway (IND) R1 cars.  These were the first cars that were ordered for the IND, the city owned and operated subway that was built in the 1920's to be independent of the tnen privately owned IRT and BMT.  Though they were built in the early 1930s, I can still remember riding on the R1 cars when I was a child in the 1960's.  As you can see in this True HD 1080p video, they are exquisitely detailed both outside and inside, down to the simulated straw seats (I remember them well).  This particular model is lettered and numbered for the A train, and you can hear it make a station stop as it heads southbound in upper Manhattan on the 8th Avenue line.

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