An Old Toy Train Video Is Reborn

The older train videos that were shot with the old camcorder have always bothered me. I don't know if it was the camcorder itself or the primitive digitizer that I used to capture the video to the computer, but those videos don't compare well to the ones that I've shot since I got the DVcam. One of the ones that bothered me most was of the MTH Premier NYC A2 Berkshire. The color was off, the aspect ratio was off, and every time I saw it, I shook my head and promised myself that I'd redo it some day. So, since it's snowing outside and wanting something to take my mind off the snow and my health, I reshot the A2 video using the DVcam and the new software. It came out very nicely and I've posted it on the Multimedia page of my web site. I've also been experimenting with putting a few videos on Youtube (even though I don't care much for the quality after they've processed it) and will probably put this one up there too.

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