The Big Green Fleet

I've done this before, by request, but never in True HD 1080p!  Here's my entire Big Green Fleet, the Great Northern (GN) Z-6 Challenger (4-6-6-4) in the lead, followed by the R-2 Chesapeake (2-8-8-2), with the S-2 Northern (4-8-4) bringing up the rear, the three of them triple-headed and working together.  DCS makes it simple to do, the volumes of smoke make the basement quite cloudy after only a few times around the layout, and they have no trouble at all hauling fifty AtlasO reefers, which is an amazingly heavy load.  If I had the room, I'm pretty sure they'd haul a hundred of them with no problem, but as it is they're chasing their own caboose.  These are the kinds of trains that I love to run!  🙂

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