A New Train!

I gave up celebrating birthdays a long time ago, but with mine coming soon decided that I needed a present.  I went down to Trains & Things in Ewing (near Trenton) which is where I got my Standard Gauge Ives Olympian set.  In looking over everything that was on sale, something caught my eye and it was once again Standard Gauge.  The biggest Standard Gauge steam locomotive ever made was the Lionel #400E which, as I like to put it, came from the enormous school of Standard Gauge.  The new Lionel Corporation (part of MTH) brought out an absolutely exquisite reproduction, in gray with nickel trim, and it whispered "take me home" from its place in the display case.  So I did!  🙂  And, to go with it, I got a few absolutely gorgeous reissued Standard Gauge freight cars.  So without further ado, here they are.  First the locomotive and tender, then just the locomotive.

standard gauge 400e

 standard gauge 400e

Next is a 500-series refrigerator car (reefer) with opening doors secured by a brass latch.

standard gauge reefer

Next is a 500-series searchlight car with two operating searchlights.

standard gauge searchlight car

The third car is a 500-series cattle car with doors that slide open and closed.

standard gauge cattle car

The last car is a 500-series absolutely exquisite Pennsylvania RR caboose.

standard gauge caboose

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