The Allegheny – A Video

I've reshot the video of the MTH Premier C&O Allegheny (a massive model of a massive prototype) in action with some Atlas Reefers.  I've included a slow-speed run-by that lets you see and hear the synchronized CHUFF! n'PUFF! of Protosound 2 (it's quite a nifty feature) with the locomotive set with DCS to four chuffs per revolution of the drivers.  As it's an articulated locomotive, you can actually hear the two engines go in and out of synch with each other.  The new backdrops are in place and coupled with the enhanced lighting, the videos are turning out quite well.  It's posted in your choice of formats (Real Media, Windows Media, or MPEG-4) on the Multimedia page of my web site as well as on Youtube (in reduced resolution and quality) at

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