The JLC Challenger

Toward the end of 2000 (a full ten years ago now), Lionel started a new series of high-end locmotives with a bang!  Called the JLC series (after Joshua Lionel Cowen, the founder of the company), the first locomotive in the series was a full 1:48 scale model of the Union Pacific (UP) Challenger #3985, which remains in service to this day.  A product of the WW II era, the Challengers were huge articulated locomotives designed to haul heavy freight trains at speed, a job they did very well.  The model is an excellent reproduction of the original, with a great deal of added-on detail.  This locomotive came equipped with Lionel's TMCC remote control which allowed you to get away from the transformer, very convenient when you're shooting video!  In this True HD 1080p video, you see the Challenger hauling a train made up of 20 Atlas woodsided reefers and a UP caboose.

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