A New Video of an Old Train

For reasons that currently escape me, when I got back into this hobby I started collecting the "short Madison" car sets put out by Lionel starting in 1973 — part of what is called the MPC era.  These were models of old heavyweight passenger cars, as were the postwar "Madison" cars, but reduced in scale.  Each set of passenger cars had a locomotive to accompany it, either as part of the set or as a separate-sale item.  This set, called The Alton Limited, came out in 1981 and has the 8101 Chicago & Alton small Hudson (4-6-4), which was equipped with "Mighty Sound of Steam" which was a very early attempt at a sound system.  It's basically a static generator that gets interrupted so it sort-of sounds like steam chuffing.  Hey, it was almost 30 years ago and that's what they had.  It also has wispy puffing smoke, an electronic whistle, and was notable for having a die-cast tender.  In this short True HD 1080p video you can see and hear it in operation.  After 30 years, it's still a good looking train set.

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