An Interesting Day

Having been unable to sleep last night (sigh), I went to the Railroadiana show today with my friend Bob.  It's a nice show that I haven't been able to attend the last few years due to a scheduling conflict with the Greenberg show, where we did DCS demonstrations.  I picked up a few DVDs of the 4449 Daylight, a book, and other odds and ends.  Later on, I reshot three more videos — the MTH Premier PRR Q2 (4-4-6-4), the MTH Premier SP GS-2 Daylight (4-8-4), and the UP F-E-F (4-8-4) — and got them edited, encoded, and posted on the Multimedia page of my web site.  I picked those three locomotives since they were all sitting in the ready yard raring to go.  It's nice to be able to fire up a locomotive after a few years sitting idle and have it immediately respond to your commands with no fuss and bother.  All in all, a productive day!

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