The PRR S2 Turbine

Back in 1995, MTH brought out their first RailKing semi-scale rolling stock.  They offered a number of different roadnames including Pennsylvania, which of course attracted me.  There were a total of eight different freight cars so I got one of each.  They make a nice semi-scale train and back fifteen years ago, I wasn't nearly as into scale as I am now.  I thought I'd show you those first RailKing cars in this True HD 1080p video.  To pull them, I've assigned the RailKing semi-scale PRR S2 Turbine which still has the original Protosound system in it.  It came out in 1999 and still runs beautifully (since it's semi-scale, I haven't upgraded it to PS2).  Being a turbine, the sounds are quite unusual and probably a good simulation of the real thing (there was only one experimental prototype).  It also smokes extremely well!

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