Art Deco

Some old streamlined locomotive designs seemed to come right out of the Art Deco school.  Yesterday's contribution was a video of the MTH Premier model of the PRR S1.  Today's is the MTH Premier model of the New York Central Dreyfuss Hudson (4-6-4) steam locomotive.  Again, a marked resemblance to the nose of a spaceship from the science fiction of the thirties and forties.  The Dreyfuss Hudson is only one of seven (!) videos that I reshot today, the others being (all MTH Premier): Nickel Plate Berkshire (2-8-4) #779 steamer, New York Central Niagara (4-8-4) steamer,  Pennsylvania RR Baldwin Sharknose diesels, Pennsy DD1 electrics, Pennsy E6 Atlantic (4-4-2) steamer, and Pennsy H10 Consolidation (2-8-0) steamer.  In redoing all of these old videos, I've noticed that occasionally I've missed doing a video for a locomotive though I don't have a clue as to why that might be.  I'm correcting that now and have posted a video of the MTH Premier Pennsy 2500 HP Lima-Hamilton transfer diesel locomotive which I got in 2002.  Oh well, I suppose it's better late than never.  All eight of these videos have been posted on the Multimedia page of my web site as well as on Youtube.

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