The Broadway Limited

The second set of short madison cars issued was for the Broadway Limited set in 1974.  As with the previous Milwaukee Special set, it consisted of a small Atlantic-type (4-4-2) Steam locomotive, this one lettered for the Pennsylvania Railroad, three short madison cars, and the track and transformer needed to make a running layout.  The locomotive has the two position E-unit, Mighty Sound of Steam, puffing smoke, and not much else (this one works better than the MR one).  The cars were once again low-end, with plastic trucks and body mounted plastic dummy couplers (and don't ask what I went through getting everything to stay together).  Over the years, more cars were added, the last being the dining car in 1988.  Once again, there's a campaign observation car that helped dispose of a surplus of observation cars.  All told, there are a total of ten cars and in this True HD 1080p video you get to see them all behind the nicely running PRR Atlantic.

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