My Original Shay

Here is the third of my original Protosound (PS1) steam locomotives that I chose not to convert to Protosound 2 (PS2) due to engineering concerns but instead chose to buy a new version that came with PS2 as standard equipment.  This is the original MTH Premier Shay, a geared steam locomotive that was used in the logging industry.  It's lettered for the West Virginia Pulp & Paper Co. (WVP&P) as are the matching log cars and caboose.  The Shay, along with the Climax and the Heisler, was a geared steamer designed to provide incredible traction, albeit very slowly, for climing steep grades and going around tight turns that would defeat a normal steam engine.  In this True HD 1080p video, you can watch the amazing action of the gears along the entire drive train as the Shay slowly makes its way down the tracks.  For a locomotive model that came out in 1997, the sound is quite good (though not up to the standard of PS2 as you can see by comparing it to the video of the C&O Shay, with PS2, that's already posted here) and the operation is very smooth and reliable.

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