Continuing with the Fifties (1952-1953)

In 1952, Lionel brought out a new set of small streamline passenger cars.  These actually looked like the ones pictured in the 1950 catalog which were never issued — silver with silver roofs, black lettering, and no window stripes.  They had the same names and numbers as those that came out in 1950 and 1951 — 2421 Maplewood, 2422 Chatham, and 2423 Hillside and there was an additional coach, the 2429 Livingston.  They were part of two sets and were available for separate sale, but the Livingston came in only one set, #1484WS, headed by a #2056 small Hudson. In 1953, they were cataloged again and were once again present in two sets, but Livingston was only available for separate sale, which is why, all these years later, it's the hardest car to find.  While I don't have the #2056 locomotive in my collection, I do have the slightly later #2065 small Hudson, so in this True HD 1080p video, I've recreated that 1952 set #1484WS using the #2065 and all four cars.  Once again, I've taped over the sliding shoes so that the couplers don't fire on my hi-rail switches.

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