Jumping Ahead To 1956

From 1954 to 1956, Lionel offered the small streamline passenger cars in all-silver with red lettering, with cars 2432 Clifton, 2434 Newark, 2435 Elizabeth, and 2436 Summit, once again named after towns here in NJ (I've shown these in the video of my original Lionel 1534W set, already posted).  Starting with the first of these small streamline cars in 1948, Lionel had changed them ever two years (the videos of the earlier cars have already been posted), so having them the same for three years in a row (it's actually five years, but I'll get to that in the next video) was something of a departure.  More of a departure was that in 1956 only, Lionel offered another set of silver cars with the same numbers and names, but with a broad red stripe painted down the length of the cars.  They came in only one set, #1562W, which had two of the Clifton vista-dome cars, while Elizabeth was available only for separate sale (which is why it's now the scarcest of all of these cars).  It was pulled by the 2328 Burlington GP-7 diesel locomotive.  In my recreation of set #1562W for this True HD 1080p video, I've substituted Elizabeth for the second Clifton car as I think it makes for a more interesting train.  Happily, beginning in 1954, Lionel switched from coil couplers to magnetic couplers, so I no longer have to fight with the sliding shoes on my hi-rail layout, which makes shooting these videos a lot less painful.

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