The Santa Fe Streamliners

In 1959, Lionel once again changed their small streamline passenger cars.  They remained silver but got a broad stripe of blue, much as the 1956 cars (a video of those is already posted) got a broad stripe of red.  They were also, for the first time, given a real railroad name, "Santa Fe", instead of the generic "Lionel Lines" that had been on all of the cars since the first ones in 1948.  They also had numbers but there were no longer car names, just 2412, 2414, and 2415.  All car markings were also in blue — less decoration means less cost and this was the point at which Lionel was beginning its long, slow spiral downward.  The cars were offered for separate sale and were in one set each year, pulled by a diesel locomotive.  Since I don't have any of those locomotives, I can't recreate one of the sets, so for this True HD 1080p video I've set up the cars with the earliest RailKing small Hudson (4-6-4) steam locomotive.  It came out in 1996 and might well be called a successor to the Postwar small Hudsons.  It has puffing smoke, an electronic whistle, and an electronic reversing unit.  It's also lettered for New York Central, but that can be overlooked — the only Santa Fe locomotive I have is a scale Texas whose tender is bigger than the passenger cars and that would look just silly.

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