The End of the Line

The Lionel Postwar small streamline passenger car series that began in 1948 came to an end in 1966.  For that year, Lionel improved on the cars from the previous two years, bringing back lights and window strips.  The cars were still lettered and numbered in blue for Santa Fe, but the numbers were changed since the cars had been upgraded — 2408, 2409, and 2410.  At this point in time, Lionel already had one foot in the grave and this would be the last of these postwar cars.  In 1966, they also revived the #665 small Hudson steam locomotive, so in this True HD 1080p video, I've put it at the head of these cars.  With this and previous videos, I've now shown you all of the Postwar small streamline passenger cars that Lionel put out covering 19 years and stretching from Lionel's zenith in the mid-50's to its nadir in the late 60's.

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