A Layout Video

I've always loved to run long trains.  They can be a pain however, if you want to turn them around to run in the other direction.  For that reason, when I built the current layout, I incorporated a pair of reverse loops so that I could turn a train while it was running, no matter which direction it was going in.   The reverse loops run through the yard in the center of the layout.  Though they're normally plugged up with stored trains (too many trains, too few display cases), I recently freed them up and have been able to use them.  I thought that I'd share their operation with you and so I've shot another video.  It shows both reverse loops in operation with the longest possible train (reefers, of course).  This video is 5 minutes 16 seconds long so if you're on dialup, click on the YouTube version below.  The video, in your choice of Real Media, Windows Media, or MPEG-4 formats, is posted on the Multimedia page of my web site. Note that the files are about 40 MB in size.

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