The Reefer Madness Video

This video is to showcase the ten new 36' woodsided reefers that I got from AtlasO as mentioned below.  As with all their reefers these are exquisite.  Since two of them are from the great Northwest, I thought it appropriate to haul them with one member of my big green fleet, the Great Northern S-2 Northern (4-8-4) steam locomotive.  As it's been very snowy in the great Northwest, the yard has placed a rotary plow in front of the locomotive and as you can see in this True HD 1080p video, the blades are turning as they're expecting to run into snow at any moment.  Using DCS, I've run the train very slowly so that you can pause the video at any point and enjoy all the detail of the reefers in razor-sharp hi-def.

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