Display Case

This past weekend, I stopped by Home Depot and picked up some red oak.  While they didn't have the eight foot lengths that I need to make the large display case I've been promising myself for the Atlas reefers, they did have six and seven foot lengths which were perfect for making a smaller case to span the front of the ready yard.  For the last few days, I've been cutting and rabbeting and dadoing and bullnosing and doing other such woodworking tasks (and enjoying myself).  Yesterday was a beautiful day (and according to the weather forecasts, the last such for quite a while), so I took the Workmate out on the deck and spent the afternoon sanding everything (one experiment in sanding downstairs convinced me to never, ever do that again).  Last night I did the preliminary glue-up (three sides) and I've just completed the final glue-up.  The display case is resting in its clamps and turned out quite nicely.  When the glue is dry and it's released from its web, I'll do any touch up sanding, measure, cut, and attach the luan plywood back, apply the finish (water-based polyurethane), and get some sliding plexiglas (or perhaps lexan) doors to complete the display case.  While it will only hold about twelve cars, at least that's twelve more cars off the layout.  Here it is in its web of clamps.

display case

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