The MTH Premier NYC BMT R32 Subway Set

In 1964, NYCTA, the New York Transit Authority, took delivery of 600 Budd-built stainless steel R32 cars. The "Brightliners," as they were called, came in married pairs bearing one even and one odd number. They have been overhauled many times in the 40+ years since their initial delivery, so the original distinction between R32 and the later R32A cars is no longer meaningful. These large subway cars are used on the former BMT (Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit) and IND (Independent) divisions of the subway, which have larger tunnels than the former IRT (Interborough Rapid Transit) portions of the subway system.  I remember these cars well as I rode them to and from school for many years.  In this True HD 1080p video, you can see them in action, and in the first segment can hear the station stop announcement that is part of the PS2 sound package.  These cars were the first Premier subway set and are lettered for the N train, the Sea Beach express, which just happened to run through my back yard as I was growing up! 🙂

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