PS2 Upgrades

My PS2 diesel upgrade kits arrived and, as I said I would in the descriptions of the videos of the PS1 diesel locomotives, I've begun upgrading them to PS2.  The first one was the EMD GP-20 which, having come out in 1996, was fairly bare bones with just a headlight, cab light, and backup light — no smoke unit, no other lighting — which made the upgrade pretty straightforward.  It's now done and working fine, and as soon as I have the basement cleaned up (I've had some work done on the house and the basement is a mess) I'll shoot a video of it in action so that the PS1 version and the PS2 version can be compared.  I've also completed the upgrade of the Seaboard E8 master A-unit.  The B-unit was just a dummy and stays that way.  The slave A-unit is waiting on some parts as it's becoming a second full PS2 locomotive and the two A-units will run together (with the dummy B-unit) in a DCS lashup.  As both A-units will now be independent locomotives having speakers and operating front and rear couplers, it should be interesting.  A video of those will follow.

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