The First Upgraded Diesel

I've previously shown this locomotive, the EMD SD90MAC, in operation with its as-delivered Protosound 1 (PS1) electronics (  I've just converted it to Protosound 2 (PS2) and thought that I'd reshoot the video so that you can compare the operation between the two different systems.  First off, of course, it's now under full remote control via DCS.  You'll note that I can run it at much lower speeds now thanks to the pS2 scale speed feature.  It now also has flashing ditch lights and fully controllable directional lighting.  The sound is much better and it also smokes much better.  I also have, as you can see in the final segment of this True HD 1080p video, the ability to uncouple the locomotive from the train via the remote control.  It's pulling very much the same train as before, mostly intermodal with a few large modern freight cars.

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