The Orange Blossom Special, Upgraded

Here's the last of my older Protosound 1 O-Gauge diesel locomotives that I'm converting to Protosound 2 (this makes a total of six).  This is the Seaboard Orange Blossom Special set which consists of EMD E8s in an A-B-A configuration with six matching passenger cars in Seaboard's very attractive "citrus" paint scheme.  The locomotives came out in 1998 with the original Protosound system, and I've now converted the set to PS2 by making each A-unit an independent locomotive with full control and sound electronics (in the original set, only the leading A-unit could run by itself; now, both A-units can run independently).  In this True HD 1080p video, you can see them running as a DCS lash-up hauling their passenger trains.  The prototype began running in 1925 from NYC to Miami and last ran in 1953.  The Pennsy handled the train from NYC to Washington, where it was taken over by the RF&P to Richmond, where it was handed off to the Seaboard for the stretch from Richmond to Miami via Raleigh, Columbia, Savannah, and Jacksonville.  If you compare this to the video of the set as-issued ( you'll note that there's now twice the sound, lots more smoke, no more tethers between locomotive units, and you'll have to take my word for it that it's a lot more fun to play with! 🙂

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