The New Reefers in a Video!

This video is to showcase the twelve new 40' woodsided refrigerator cars (reefers) that AtlasO just brought out in July 2011.  To pull this short freight train, I've assigned the Pennsy L1s Mikado (2-8-2) steamer, one of their workhorse freight locomotives during the steam era.  Built between 1914 and 1919, the Pennsylvania Railroad's fleet of L1s Mikados hauled freight through two world wars and served until the end of steam in 1957.  All told, there were 574 of them built.  The reefers are the twentieth regular issue of these cars by AtlasO since they first started bringing them out in 2000.  A few special runs (custom made for various dealers) are also included.  For the first time, the regular run contains both regular reefers as well as models of the rebuilt reefers (distinguishable by the roof deck).  I think you'll agree that the designs this time around are quite nice.

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